Be still, my beating heart (no, seriously, slow down).

After ten minutes of walking around the grocery store with a mostly empty cart, I was already exhausted.  I went to a concert last night after a long, annoying day at work, so I was pretty sure that was the reason, but since I have an arrhythmia, I decided I better take a quick peak […]

FOCUS!: A Rant About People Who Want to Hurt My Evo

I recently got my beloved daily driver back from the body shop. Fortunately for my frequent passengers (I like to refer to you as “navigators” as the world is my rally) you’re already used to my parking decisions – because this experience certainly did not render me any less neurotic about where I leave my […]

We Don’t Need No Water

I pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall the cigar shop is in around noon and the first thing I noticed was that a minivan had pulled into the fire lane directly in front of the door. This really pissed me off for a few reasons and, I’ll be honest, the first was […]