Where the blogger woefully laments her lack of posts; vows to change.

Even blogs that don’t get read have authors who are ashamed of how little they post.  This blog is no different.  In an attempt to jump start things around here, it’s time for some randoms! Tu madre!  I recently rewatched the gem of a film Y Tu Mamá También and, against my better judgement, shared the […]

Randoms, 022608

Trade Deadline: I’m watching the trade deadline news a little more closely than your average NHL fan, I assure you – but I’m not here to discuss that. Don’t want to, can’t, won’t … yeah. Every NHL fan in the universe should be watching TSN (or the NHL Network, which is simulcasting TSN’s trade deadline […]

Randoms, 012908

WWE Monday Night Raw – I’m seriously sick of mister-financial-tycoon, fatty JBL. He’s a cheating doo-doo face and someone needs to give him what-for (whatever the hell that means)! I’m also on the “I Despise Randy Orton” bandwagon but even a good lemming like me felt sorry for that schmuck after what JBL pulled last […]