Week 21 – Kicked Butt

Just to show how unbelievably fun the PIM-only fantasy format can be – imagine having Daniel Carcillo. I’m not in first place in the league but having weeks like the one in the picture are almost more fun than winning. Right-click/View that bad boy.

Randoms, 022608

Trade Deadline: I’m watching the trade deadline news a little more closely than your average NHL fan, I assure you – but I’m not here to discuss that. Don’t want to, can’t, won’t … yeah. Every NHL fan in the universe should be watching TSN (or the NHL Network, which is simulcasting TSN’s trade deadline […]

In the Name of Science

I’m about to attempt something so brave, selfless and potentially dangerous that I’m rating this post NA+17 (no adults over seventeen) and affixing the morally mandatory “do not attempt this at home” disclaimer. Fellow grown ups – this is real science of the mind. So, behold, Ladies and Gentlemen, as I am going to experiment […]

Maybe I’m the One, Maybe I’m the One Who Is the Schizophrenic Psycho

Ever felt like, perhaps, you’re totally weird and nobody is telling you? Like, maybe you’re autistic but through the Rain Man-colored-glasses that are glued onto your face everything looks just fine? No? Just me? Great. Sure, I’m exaggerating a bit with the whole Rain Man analogy – but our minds must allow a certain bit […]

One For the Ladies – Long Wearing Lip Color

WFLA-TV recently ran a story on their eleven o’clock news broadcast about lipstick. Specifically, the long wearing offerings of different brands. If you dig I’m sure you can find the video somewhere on their page. Hard-hitting investigative journalism, I know. While I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis (no, I don’t work on my […]


Ever wish you had people IRL (in your “real-life” life, as in, not in the computer) who you could speak to in your native tongue? People who could come over and understand all the dumb things you’re talking about, regardless of how they felt about them. My flesh and blood family and friends will get […]

USA 193

At 2247 – 10:47pm – WTVT, Fox 13 news broke in with news that “that satellite” (uhg, John Wilson) had been successfully shot down by a US missile. As of now the Wikipedia article has not been edited (c’mon, it’s true – that’s the first thing that usually happens when anything breaks), CNN is talking […]

It Could Be the Wine

I don’t normally drink wine – as you know I’m one of those no-couth-having beer drinkers. Being a snob about the beer that passes my lips has little to no bearing on what most people I find myself out with think of my taste. If they hear me explaining what I meant when I asked […]