Perhaps I’ve been named the internet’s favorite polymath. More than likely, I just need to stop talking about wangs. Taken from search terms that brought people to my website: “How to remove max factor maxwear lipcolor” – I use eye makeup remover. Works very well. I think this is where I add the disclaimer: eye […]

Put Me In, Coach

I’m in the second round of playoffs in the PIM only fantasy hockey league I’m a part of.  So far this week, I’m winning.  Before tonights games it was 30-11 or something like that.  Daniel Carcillo has 12 already tonight and Zack Stortini has 5.  I’m feeling alright but they guy I’m playing against has […]

To Turn a Phrase

When I’m watching a game and I hear one of the commentators, uh … comment that a team is “riding a hot goaltender” – I have a vision and it doesn’t have much to do with hockey. God love the double entendre. Of course, I only have the one in my head now – but, […]

Tied Up and Twisted

Every few years the stars align in such a fashion that each individual Monday Night Raw story line develops into completely boring, utterly trite crap that no one can imagine being played to resolution. When this happens, there’s only one way out. It’s time to get twisted. Earlier this season we saw Jericho come out […]