Sights and Sounds

Although I don’t talk about it often, I’m one of those people whose really cool with my learning difference. Also, as you’ve surely just noticed, I’m one of those assholes that calls it a “learning difference.” This isn’t to be PC or anything overly bleeding-heart like that. This is because Dyslexia, as it affects me, […]

“Stop Gawking”

I hope that John Adams was really as intelligent, awkward, stubborn, dedicated and delightfully mad as he is portrayed in The John Adams Show. I hope that if I ever meet him on some other plane that we can discuss and argue American History as well as the way he is remembered. Did he really […]

The John Adams Show

I just finished watching the fifth installment of the HBO miniseries – based on the book by David McCullough – John Adams – a weekly event which I’ve come to anticipate with such fervor that my favorite and most eagerly awaited ceremony has become my Monday ritual of the past five weeks of jumping into […]