“Holy Tomatoes!”

I’m here for the first time in months to post so, obviously, this is very important to me.

It’s been over 12 hours and I’m still completely giddy.

Look below for video of my closest companion and dearest friend running his 10 second turbo Civic.  It was his first time at the track with the car.  Drove it there with the slicks in the back – me in the passenger seat and all – ran 10′s and drove it home.  I was able to get some pretty sweet video and he threw it all together into a stellar YouTube presentation as soon as he was in front of his computer.

10 Second Turbo Civic

PA Announcer: 10.69 at a 133 mph … a Honda Civic? Holy Tomatoes!

You can hear the kids standing next to me while I’m filming from the bleachers talking about the car during the first run.  One of them says he’s seen it run 9′s.  Heh heh … the car has never run a nine, but, hey, perhaps this kid is clairvoyant!