For Good or For Awesome

I love spectacle. What good theatre kid doesn’t? I’m (of course) especially fond of all aspects of the in-arena experience at a sporting event. Actually – I like most things that happen in an arena. So if you’re like me and you love anything from concerts to fireworks shows to public executions (OK, I’m reaching on that last one – but you get the drift) than WWE Monday Night Raw could be for you.

In fact, I’m watching Raw as I type. Without giving away too much about the intricate storyline or delicate partnerships, I’m going to give a quick rundown of what I’m seeing as well as reasons why you should check out WWE Monday Night Raw. I bet you’ll see that you had no idea how well put together this whole rasslin’ thing was!

1. The guy who runs the show is BFI (at least his character is) and that always leads to fun and entertaining situations.

2. Wrestler stare-downs. You’ll have to watch to see what I’m talking about but it’s worth it. Each character, I mean, wrestler, has a signature stare. That’s not something you learn in theatre school – I promise you that!

3. A bunch of pretty decent looking ladies just put on lingerie and fought each other on a bed dressed in satin and covered in pillows.

4. Two wrestlers just dressed as each other for a match – wigs and all – and one of them was offended by the characterization of him by the other. They then proceeded to kick the crap out of one another.

5. A guy just rode up to the ring in a LIMO! He can’t WALK? He’s about to freakin’ wrestle!

6. Chris Jericho is again growing a beard of some sort it seems. If you know me than you know I love facial hair! What? You don’t consider that a reason to watch?

7. A midget just beat a pair of huge dudes dressed in kilts with the help of a guy that wears a sock on his hand to deliver his signature move. This little-person is also, supposedly, the son of the guy I mentioned in point 1 but I guess that could be kayfabe – if you believe in such a thing.

8. Two guys just fought but, this time, the ring was surrounded by chain-link fence. The cooler (he has a lip piercing so, obviously, he’s cooler) of these two fellows was fueled by the rage caused by the fact his brother was further hurt when attempting to make his comeback.

Now – if all of those fun facts don’t make you want to tune in next Monday (or watch Melrose Place … or grow a beard … or toss a midget) than you just aren’t a red blooded American. Ya’ know – like me.

Oh, that and Chris Jericho is here to save you from Randy Orton – who may or may not be some kinda robot. SaveUs.Y2J. Save us.

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