G&S 25 (sold)

G&S 25 (sold)

I had barely spent any time living in New York, and here we were buying a boat.  Ah, the good life.

The G&S 25 was designed to race in the once popular MORC class.  Built in 1987, she was originally christened Mace and performed very well under her first few owners.  She was designed by Scott Graham and Eric Schlageter of S2 fame, and built by Mark Lindsay.

Charlie found the boat sitting at his school, SUNY Maritime College, in the summer of 2009, but we were unable to purchase the boat until November 2010.  We put a winter’s worth of work in, and had a lot of fun together in the process.  We had big plans, and I wish we could have kept the G&S, because I fell for her pretty hard.  At least a hundred people who saw her commented on how sleek she looked and how well she should perform, except for one guy who stood staring at her calling her a balsa cored POS, but he sails a Sunfish dinghy and proved to be a mouthy asshat.  Ah, sailors.

So, the G&S has been sold.  The Compass was the realization of a dream – something that we thought was at least five years in the future.  I still miss her, but her new owner has the time and skill to refurbish her properly.  I hope to be bringing you updates, shortly.

Delivery and Day 1

Photos of the the G&S the day it was delivered to us at City Island, NY.

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