Spring On the Hard – 2012

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Spring On the Hard – 2012

Due to some issues sourcing parts and materials, the Compass spent the entirety of spring 2012 much as she did the preceding winter.  The management changed at the boatyard, and though changes happened all around us, including six new stands holding our precious boat, we remained in the same spot we had since November 2011.

During the spring we settled on an interior varnish top-coat, and refinished the wood in the third state room and nav station.  We also went into the aft head for the first time ever.  The aft stateroom was already fairly disassembled when we purchased the boat, and the adjoining head had been serving as the storage room for wood and trim pieces.  Since we hadn’t begun to tackle that woodwork, we left the head alone until April 2012.  It turned out to be much less scary than I’d anticipated.

The Compass got her first bottom job in the spring of ’12 … with us as owners, that is.  Charlie, his dad, and I did a few days worth of minor filling and fairing before the guys at the boatyard put on the first layer of barrier coat.  Charlie has always wanted a boat with a white bottom, and now he has one.

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