Refinishing the Galley – Summer 2012

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Refinishing the Galley

Refinishing the galley was a special job, worthy of it’s own little photo gallery. As was the the case with the rest of the boat, the substrate was in fantastic shape.  Whoever put together the interior on our Compass, built it to last.  Unlike the rest of the boat, though, some reveneering had to be done in the galley.  With a little epoxy and  sanding, most of the veneer on our boat came back from some pretty serious neglect, but the galley was in rough shape.  We chose to reveneer the forwardmost cabinet face in the galley, including door and drawer faces.  To keep things as clean as possible, we completed the veneer work inside our living room.

As you’ll see in the photos, we didn’t choose the right type of veneer to match the rest of our boat.  Live and learn, I suppose.

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