Denise’s Photos

Game Show Audition

Laser and I decided to audition for a game show that Meow Mix is hoping to air on Game Show Network.

Bolt Brigade/Energy Team

Random pictures of my years with the Lightning/Storm/Forum

New Hair

My new 'do - team makeovers @ U.b.U. - 9.2.08

Random Funny

Pics I snapped of things that made me laugh

Fair 2012

Charlie and I go to the Florida State Fair. Charlie eats fascinating culinary concoctions and I eat corn. Nothing much else happens.

Compass 47 Galleries

First Day - Condition: Critical

It's a surprise we bought it, isn't it? A Compass 47 for, well, the embarrassingly small amount of money we paid for her, is worth a little hard work. This is going to be a real project.

Second Day - The Clean Up

A little bit of clean up made the Compass look like a boat that could have been sold for double what we bought it for. Thank goodness no one thought of that beforehand!

Beauty Shots

Various photos where the boat actually looks acceptable. These are usually taken at the end of a day where we've spent 8 hours working on her, so please excuse the photography.

Removing the Treadmaster

This wasn't easy, so there are going to be at least seven thousand photos in this album.

Haul Out

On November 2, the Compass came out of the water for what looks like the first time in twenty years.

On the Hard - Winter '11-'12

Unfortunately, the Compass has spent a beautiful Florida winter on the hard.

Days at the Compass - Summer '11

We spent time at the Compass every single day. We got a lot of work done, and I took plenty of cool photos.

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