BREAKING NEWS: Ramen Noodle Crisis Averted

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – A potential crisis was averted when this journalist uncovered proof that Winn Dixie’s Thrifty Maid ramen noodles are actually manufactured by Nissin Foods, the Japanese corporation responsible for the Top Ramen and Cup Noodles brands.  College students and community college students alike felt a shared sense of loss when the Top […]

Part 1: It all started with a particulate filtering facepiece respirator.

Charlie and I were headed to the beach, which was particularly wonderful for us because we’d been away from Florida beaches for far too long.  Although he’d spent quite a bit more time in New York than I had, I feel that I suffered the most from the lack of emerald-colored salt water.  Why is […]

I think it’s around 25 or 6 to 4, or so.

Does anybody really know what time it is?  Does anybody really care? Seriously, if I ever asked anybody what time it was and they came back at me with some pseudophilosophical tripe like that, I’d get pretty aggravated, because, yeah, you’d know what damn time it was if you’d look at that watch that you’ve […]

Something For His Baby Book

This post is about Charlie annoying me by constantly invoking the title of a miniseries. You can go ahead and blame me for all those Masterpiece classics Netflix keeps suggesting to you.  Yes, I’m the one that devours episodes of Downton Abbey, and I can’t seem to make those four part BBC miniseries last longer […]

Where I Complain About Wining and Dining My Boat

Everything we do to the boat is hard. I’ll go into details when I get this blog fully refocused, but for now I just want to complain about the boat.  Yes, I’m going to whine about a strong hulled forty-seven foot long sailboat that has three state rooms, two heads and over six feet of […]

My Old People

I (am lucky enough to) live with some Old People.  Well, one of them is older – eighty-three – and has Alzheimer’s.  I was his daytime caregiver for the 2008-09 season (yes, life runs in hockey seasons).  One of them is a young ninety-five and, despite some definite rough spots, is in pretty damn fine […]