Ever wish you had people IRL (in your “real-life” life, as in, not in the computer) who you could speak to in your native tongue? People who could come over and understand all the dumb things you’re talking about, regardless of how they felt about them. My flesh and blood family and friends will get […]

It Could Be the Wine

I don’t normally drink wine – as you know I’m one of those no-couth-having beer drinkers. Being a snob about the beer that passes my lips has little to no bearing on what most people I find myself out with think of my taste. If they hear me explaining what I meant when I asked […]

“… permit us to be pirates.”

It’s no secret that I’m extremely nostalgic. My emotional-mind can bend almost any happening into a feeling of homesickness. So, as I sat on my living room floor making perfectly lovely flower arrangements for a party, I wasn’t at all surprised when tears welled in my eyes and a prickly lump formed in my throat. […]

Adjective + Tree

I live in your average Florida subdivision. Some builder found a nice plot of swamp land in the middle of nowhere, bought it on the cheap and dropped seven hundred and fifty thousand houses from airplanes – most narrowly missing each other upon landing. Or maybe there are seeds. Either way, a subdivision was born […]