Tied Up and Twisted

Every few years the stars align in such a fashion that each individual Monday Night Raw story line develops into completely boring, utterly trite crap that no one can imagine being played to resolution. When this happens, there’s only one way out. It’s time to get twisted. Earlier this season we saw Jericho come out […]

Randoms, 022608

Trade Deadline: I’m watching the trade deadline news a little more closely than your average NHL fan, I assure you – but I’m not here to discuss that. Don’t want to, can’t, won’t … yeah. Every NHL fan in the universe should be watching TSN (or the NHL Network, which is simulcasting TSN’s trade deadline […]


My favorite nerd-in-creationists-clothing, Stephen Colbert, in his opening spiel tonight, finally attributed all his “Woooo”-ing to Ric Flair. Well, finally in my world – if he had before, I missed it. I work a lot of nights. Every time he did it, I thought to myself, “good Carolina boy – pullin’ a Nature Boy!” This […]

Randoms, 012908

WWE Monday Night Raw – I’m seriously sick of mister-financial-tycoon, fatty JBL. He’s a cheating doo-doo face and someone needs to give him what-for (whatever the hell that means)! I’m also on the “I Despise Randy Orton” bandwagon but even a good lemming like me felt sorry for that schmuck after what JBL pulled last […]