Something For His Baby Book

This post is about Charlie annoying me by constantly invoking the title of a miniseries.

You can go ahead and blame me for all those Masterpiece classics Netflix keeps suggesting to you.  Yes, I’m the one that devours episodes of Downton Abbey, and I can’t seem to make those four part BBC miniseries last longer than one night in my instant queue.  I know you probably thought Netflix was screwing with you, but someone really watches that stuff.  I even put up with (the lovely and talented) Shirley Henderson’s voice for several hours because the adaptation of Anthony Trollope’s The Way We Live Now was just so strange-in-a-good-wayThis is not about that.

So, He Knew He Was Right must have sat in my queue for nearly a year before we got around to watching it.  Then we did.

You know how a kid will go around repeating that thing that made you laugh the first time he said it over and over until you find yourself reassured that putting the locks on the outside of his bedroom door was a good idea?  I don’t even have kids, I just remember being that annoying.  Anyway, Charlie is like that kid.

Since watching He Knew He Was Right, Charlie has claimed to have known he was right about everything.

“Charlie, could you hand me the remote?”

This remote?”

“Yes.  Thank you.”

“I knew I was right.”

Spoiler: In case you were wondering, the guy who knew he was right, he dies at the end.

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