Randoms, 012108

A few random thoughts that are floating around in my gourd this evening.

  1. Everyone on earth loves Alton Brown, right, or am I just the king of the nerds? Don’t answer that. Perhaps it’s because he’s a drama nerd (educated at the same university my brother attends – UGA) … but I think the reason is less the drama and more the nerd. He puts the same amount of research into the reasoning for seasoning that he puts into the different places one can stick a television camera (you’d just have to watch Good Eats). He’s the one that taught me to keep a pizza stone in my oven and the man I have 12 different vinegars in my pantry for. Don’t think I don’t double check his facts, though. What good follower of AB’s would I be if I wasn’t a research hound myself? He does need to get off of those pesky Apples, though.
  2. Why doesn’t Bright House’s East Pasco lineup have Monday Night RAW anywhere in HD? This is the sports entertainment viewing experience I’ve been dreaming of – but it’s not to be for me tonight. They are debuting a new set tonight and I have to watch it in 4:3. Boo.
  3. Watching Malkin v. Ovechkin in HD on Versus has proven to be pretty fun up to this point.
  4. I’m a hater. I always have been. I love to rant and I think being critical and negative is much more fun (not to mention, usually more entertaining) than being completely in love with everything the world has to offer. Of course, either of the aforementioned over-simplifications are better than hearing how “eh” and “OK” everything is. With all of that said, the Creative Loafing cover story for the Jan 16 – Jan 22 issue seemed to be an exercise in how much prime-time hate two people could pack into one story. The title “The Week In Craptastic Television,” with it’s huge gold font and smirking photo of TVs favorite germaphobe really did it’s job in piquing my interest. That cover was the best part of the story. Creative Loafing is my favorite local newsprint rag, so I’m really always expecting something funnier than this piece – especially when the inspiration is how much network TV sucks lately! So much to work with. That cover sure is pretty, though. Props to whoever did that!

Brain, cleared.

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